“City of Convicts” New Single Release

City of Convicts original artwork by Zachmartis.com

We at Pulphonics love to jam, rock out, get silly, and have a good time.

This one’s a bit different.

Over the last two years, we’ve witnessed a lot of catalysts for change. We saw billionaires piggy-back off the suffering of millions during the pandemic. We saw politicians put their own interests ahead of the people they were elected to serve. We saw progress for our country’s minorities take a step backward.

While we like to be optimistic about the future, we also have to face the reality that we’re sometimes made to feel like convicts instead of citizens.

City of Convicts, Pulphonic’s newest single, goes out to anyone who’s been made to feel like less of a citizen by their own leaders.

Enjoy the track–but hear our message and remember it:
“Turn to stone, the writings on the wall
Burn it down, if it doesn’t serve us at all.”

If we want change, we have to initiate it.

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